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How do I track my order?
I still cannot get my speakers to pair. Who do I contact?
If you are unable to access our posted video instructions, please call (888) 661-8333 between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM MST Monday through Friday and request "Speaker Support". (This line may be closed on National Holidays)
What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is the name for a short-range radio frequency (RF) technology that operates at 2.4 GHz and is capable of transmitting voice and data. The effective range of Bluetooth devices is 32 feet (10 meters). Bluetooth transfers data at the rate of 1 Mbps, which is from three to eight times the average speed of parallel and serial ports, respectively.
What does "TSS" mean?
No it does not mean "Toxic Shock Syndrome" here at Pure Hypr Audio, and we don’t want you to miss any of the sound quality you enjoy from your favorite music. “TSS” refers to “True Stereo Sound” here at PHA. All of our Bluetooth speakers are capable of operating in a “Mono” or single channel format by themselves. Or you can enjoy True Stereo Sound features from audio files that are recorded and distributed in stereo. Please note that in order to enjoy the Stereo sound quality, you will need to pair your Pure Hypr Audio Speaker with another Pure Hypr Audio Speaker of the same model number. Please see our “How do I pair my speakers” link for more information.
My charger cord is lost or damaged for my SS-100, SB-100, 200 or 300 speaker. What do I do now?
There is nothing proprietary or special about the charger cords that come with the SS-100, SB-100 Micro, SB-200 or SB-300 Mini Speakers. Any USB Micro cord will charge the SB series speakers and the SS-100 Series speakers use a standard USB C cord. ** PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY DAMAGED CORD OR CHARGER ON YOUR PURE HYPR AUDIO SPEAKER FOR ANY REASON!**
The "Y" cord for my CR-100 speakers is damaged or lost. How do I replace it?
The CR-100 Speakers from Pure Hypr Audio do use a unique “Y” USB to USB C cord that was created specifically to allow the speakers to charge and still provide True Stereo Sound. Most other USB C “Y” cords will interrupt the True Stereo Sound features if you are charging both speakers from any other “Y” cord supplier. Pure Hypr Audio does not currently carry an inventory of these special cords. If your PHA “Y” cord does become lost or damaged, you can still charge the speakers separately and enjoy the TSS features with a USB C cellular charger. ** PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY DAMAGED CORD OR CHARGER ON YOUR PURE HYPR AUDIO SPEAKER FOR ANY REASON!**
I lost my instructions. How can I get a copy of the instruction manual
Please see our "How to pair" link for links to video instructions for each of our Pure Hypr Audio speaker models. We also provide links to .pdf copies of our printed instructions.
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