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Net Weight
Loudspeaker Output
Frequency Response
Battery Capacity
Battery Charging Voltage
Playback Time
Battery Charge Time
Bluetooth Compliant
80x80x95 mm
2 x 5w
5V [USB-C]
Up to 12 hours
2 • 5 hours

About this speaker

·       POWERFUL BASS TONES FOR YOUR COMPLETE LISTENING ENJOYMENT: Custom engineered for your sound enjoyment, no matter the weather. Clear mid-range, enjoyable highs, and powerful bass tones that are sure to impress. Bluetooth 5.1 Technology ensures the sound quality and connectivity to your devices.
·       SPEAKER FEATURES INCLUDING FM RADIO: Bluetooth can be used as a speaker phone when paired to your Bluetooth smartphone. TWS (True Wireless Stereo) when paired with another SS100 speaker. This portable speaker also includes a built-in FM radio for added versatility.
·       OUTDOOR RUGGED PORTABLE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: IPX6 portable Bluetooth speaker with powerful bass for enjoyment anywhere including hiking, camping, and BBQing. Built and engineered to survive outdoor wear and tear for all kinds of weather and excursions.
·       VARIETY OF COLORS: Available in 3 colors: Black, White, and Orange Pearl. Choose the color that matches your personality and vibes with your music-needing adventures.
·       HOURS OF ENJOYMENT: This powerful Bluetooth speaker is IPX6 rated and plays for hours of outdoor enjoyment no matter the weather. Yeah, that’s right, whether it is raining, shining, or chilly, it has the power of quality portable music and sound. This unit includes a USB “C" Charging port and cord, so there are fewer cord styles for you to keep track of when traveling.
·       HEAVY DUTY MOUNTING THREADS: The base of the speaker has a built in ¼”x20 thread mount. So, you can secure your SS-100 Speaker to any ¼’x20 threaded bolt or mount (like most camera mounting points). Keeping your speakers where you want and need them to stay. Handy for boats and off-road vehicles as well.

Works with most Bluetooth-enabled phones, tablets, music devices, Bluetooth 2.1 or above.
Pair together for True Wireless Stereo.

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